Monday, October 12, 2009

Trains, Cars and A Whole Lot of Love

(tyler and I)

So this past weekend was way more than i expected! I got to see all of my family who I love so much, spend time with Tyler who i also love very much and I got to take a spontaneous train adventure to San Francisco while I was there. It was amazing! =) I hope I get to take another trip up there very soon and I also hope that the week ahead will bring just as much love and happiness to myself and others!

Happy monday!


  1. It was a fun weekend, despite the reason for our going...thank you for being my traveling buddy! XXOO

  2. such a cute couple! wow!

    love the 3 column blog... did that tutorial work for you?

  3. Hi...I stumbled across your blog via another bloggie friend. Your site is great and very inspiring. I'm looking forward to learning more about you as you grow.

    I totally adore the little "notes" you have posted up and down your sidebars.


  4. It was great seeing you and Tyler. What a cute couple! Your day in San Francisco sounded great! Aren't those last minute adventures the best! He seems like a great guy - hope to see you soon. We love you!

  5. you're so gorgeous!!!!

    we have so much in common AND our boyfriends are both named tyler!! love your blog!