Tuesday, December 1, 2009


scratch that...i LOVE simple.

Everything from:

- a pb&j sandwich
-the warmth of clothes straight from the dryer
-sharing a smile with a stranger
-the smell of fresh cut grass
-a cup of tea& a good book
-dancing around my room and in the rain
-a hot shower
-holding hands
-a soft breeze
-riding bikes
-feeling the wind in your hair
- the feeling you get when you help someone

I could go on all day about the simple things in life i love. Sometimes i find myself wanting more & I forget things like these are worth living for...

Its December already!

Can you believe it? December is here already...it felt like only yesterday i was excited for Autumn! It doesn't feel like it is going to be winter, but that could also be because i live in Southern California where really..there is no winter! I don't think I've ever experienced a real winter because when i think of winter, i think snow...and sadly, i have yet to see, touch or play in it! 18 years and no sight of snow..i know i know i am a deprived child! BLAME MY MOM! So I declared right here and right now, that my goal for this winter, is to go to the snow!
It has to happen! I'll make it happen!

Happy December!