Friday, October 2, 2009

"I am perfect exactly as I am"

I have a book called " Inner Wisdom: Meditations for the Heart and Soul" by Louise Hay which is a book of affirmations to say to yourself. I bought it about a month ago when I decided I need to start living a more positive life. So today I have decided to share one that I think everyone should say to themselves. Sometimes it can be hard to believe it but if we all keep thinking it, we will start to believe ourselves.

I am perfect exactly as I am
" I am neither too much nor too little. I do not have to prove to anyone or anything who I am. I have been many identities, each one a perfect expression for that particular lifetime. I am content to be who and what I am this time. I do not yearn to be like someone else, for that is not the expression i chose this time. Next time i will be different. I am perfect as I am, right now. I am sufficient. I am one with all of life. There is no need to struggle to be better. All i need to do is love myself more today than yesterday, and to treat myself as someone who is deeply loved. With joy, I recognize my perfection and the perfection of life"

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